Gemstone Colors Sunnycord

  • Gemstone Colors Sunnycord

The original Sunnycords® were discovered and created in 2013. From day one the Sunnycords® were an international success and now they can not be missed in the current fashion market. Coco Bonito was the first who invented an exclusive eyewear accessory and an eyewear jewelry line. The Sunnycord® is a fashionable glasses cord, for holding any kind of eyewear. Initially designed so that you never have to lose your (sun)glasses or reading glasses again! During the last couple of years, we have developed several sunglass chains that have been recognized in sunny destinations with travelers but as well as, at home on a pair of reading glasses. These sunglass chains are also known for being an exclusive eyecatcher! We have something for everyone in our wide collection of eyewear chains. Shop your sunglass straps now! 



Material: The Sunnycord is made of natural gemstones, like Agate, Tourmaline, Jasper and Red Coral and 18K gold plated small beads. 

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